About Us

In the summer of 2004, my life changed forever. A gorgeous American man, Scott, swept me off my feet and took me – as his bride – across the world, to Texas. As a South African design professional, with wide experience in the corporate advertising and marketing arena, I found myself in a new and unfamiliar land, with time on my hands and a huge amount of creativity to express.

I spent many years creating and perfecting an art that was my passion and has now become my business. With Scott’s help and support, I create a range of high-quality, unique and personalized products that will add an extra special touch to any occasion.

I’d love to do that for you too.

The traditional art of wire-wrapping beads on utensils has its proud origin in South Africa – my homeland and place of birth. Weaving my own designs, techniques and creative concepts into this art, I take time to make every Beadz2Pleaz product unique. I’ll work with you to create a high-quality, original product that you won’t find anywhere else, and with its own distinct personality. We can also personalize your purchase with engraved wording, themes, monograms and more.

Since I started selling my products online in 2008, my studio has become a world of color and sparkle. Beads, crystals, pearls, shells and gemstones in every form and fashion fill my studio.  These are paired with the finest quality stainless steel cutlery, European crystal stemware and tarnish resistant wire in dozens of unique colors. Genuine freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals add that extra sparkle to any occasion.

What a fabulous world I’m absorbed in!

Please contact me if you are planning a wedding, anniversary, holiday or any event at all. Together we’ll impress your guests and make your special event exceptional.