INFINITY KNOT Flute CUSTOM Love Knot Toasting Flute


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Product Description

Infinity knot flute CUSTOM love knot toasting flute, eternity knot flute, crystal toast flute with knot. PERSONALIZED champagne flutes, simple rustic knot flute. Minimalistic wedding decor and table settings just for you.

Tie the knot with this signature infinity knot from Beadz 2 Pleaz. Hand assembled with flexible wire for that personal touch. No two are ever alike which gives each flute it’s own simple character. Many wire color choices to choose from for your love knot so that it matches your special occasion color scheme.

**Pricing is for ONE flute but multiple flutes may be purchased at the checkout.

Each flute measures 10 inches.

This item is made to order.  To custom make an order to your specific needs,  email me or contact me through the chat section (bottom right) to work with you on creating your personalized custom pieces. My production time is 6-8 weeks. If you need an item or items sooner, I do work on a rush fee system.  Prices depend on what is involved and the time needed by. (see FAQ for details)

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